#1510 Park Seo Joon talks about his close friendship with Hyorin

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Originally posted on: 11/12/2016 

    Herald Pop - Naver: 'Sketchbook', Park Seo Joon "Hyorin is my diva...we're close that even my parents know her"

    1. [+1,686, -54] I really like Park Seo Joon ♡♡♡

    2. [+1,287, -42] So jealous of her

    3. [+1,133, -57] I like both ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Good to see them maintain their friendship after 'Dream High 2'

    4. [+912, -46] Hyorin's lucky...

    5. [+611, -49] They're both likeable. Do well!

    6. [+153, -6] One of this hyung's biggest advantages is that he's already served in the army. 87'er - 89'er celebrities are enlisting one after the other but Park Seo Joon got it done and over with so now he can just go about his career comfortably

    7. [+113, -6] Park Seo Joon looks better with his bangs down

    8. [+109, -7] Seo Joon hyung, do another drama similar to 'She Was Pretty'

    9. [+98, -5] I had no idea they were close, such an unexpected connection. I hope their friendship remains strong

    1. [+779, -17] Wow I'm jealous of Hyorin... to have Park Seo Joon as a guy friend ㄷㄷ

    2. [+485, -15] Park Seo Joon is handsome. Did Hyorin change her makeup style? She looks prettier with lighter makeup

    3. [+338, -11] Park Seo Joon is likeable ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    4. [+328, -11] I wanna be friends with him too

    5. [+266, -16] So jealous that Hyorin is friends with him

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