#1537Suzy and Lee Jong Suk confirmed for upcoming drama ' While You Were Sleeping'

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Originally posted on: 11/28/16

news 1 - Naver: Suzy with Lee Jong Suk and writer Park Hye Ryun.. confirmed for 'While You Were Sleeping' 

1. [+4,454, -284] If it's the I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio, there's a reason to be excited for it

2. [+2,805, -223] You can trust writer Park Hye Ryun!

3. [+2,485, -223] The writer of I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio, a must see ㅎㅎ

4. [+2,399, -305] The writer who created Go Hye Mi, she's extraordinary. I know Lee Jong Suk and Suzy had good chemistry in their CF. A drama I'm looking forward to

5. [+1,898, -317] Such a good-looking pair and amazing production team!

6. [+742, -154] Suzy, I'm saying this as a fan. Please spend some time practicing your acting and vocalization. You're pretty, have good personality and I like you for that but your acting makes me a bit uncomfortable. Your acting tone sounds like a high school kid. I hope you get lots of practice and show improvement

7. [+374, -64] Nowadays, the story is what matters. Please let it be fun

tv Report - Daum: Suzy X Lee Jong Suk confirmed for 'While You Were Sleeping'.. to air on SBS next year 

1. [+424, -129] Suzy-ssi, please come out after doing lots of acting practice. Please~~

2. [+266, -65] Um Suzy.. work hard with acting practice and show a good performance~~~

3. [+256, -113] Do we have to witness another crappy acting from her? Practice as much as you can Suzy-ya

4. [+114, -24] Suzy, work on your acting starting with vocalization so that you don't get hate for it this time.. Excited for this drama!!

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