#1542 Celebrities' airport fashion en route to MAMA

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Originally posted on: 12/02/2016


    Daum Cafe: [Entertainment news] Taeyeon, Jeon Somi, Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, Nayeon, Han Hyo Joo, 'distinctive Mustang airport fashion'

    -Jungyeon has great proportions

    -They're all pretty

    -Is Taeyeon really in her late 20s? ㅋㅋㅋ Why's she so cute?

    -Han Hyo Joo and Somi's mustang coat/jacket are my type


    Daum Cafe: [Entertainment news] Ha Ji Won, Lee Ji Ah, Shin Hye Sun, Suzy, Park Min Young and Han Hyo Joo, 'coat' is the hit item among actresses attending 'MAMA'

    -Bae Suzy made it look like a photoshoot

    -Ha Ji Won is very classy

    -Lee Ji Ah's force ㄷㄷ

    -Why do I get reminded of Twice's Chaeyoung when I see Shin Hye Sun?

    -The price of Han Hyo Joo's coat

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