#1549 Trend of underage actresses being paired with actors in their 30s

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Originally posted on: 12/06/2016

Kim Yoo Jung 
Date of birth: Sep 22, 1999
(currently 18 years old)

Ryu Jun Yeol
DOB: Sep 25, 1986

(currently 31 years old)

They were in a "some" in their CF.. Yoo Jung falls for him first..

Kim So Hyun 
DOB: June 4, 1999
(currently 18 years old)

Ok Taecyeon
DOB:  Dec 27, 1988
(currently 29 years old but turning 30 soon)

They were paired together in a drama
Kim Sae Ron 
DOB:  July 31, 2000
(currently 17 yo)

Yoon Shi Yoon
DOB: Sep 26, 1986
(currently 31 yo)

They were cast as leads in a drama..

96er (21 yo) Kim Sejung was partnered up with 76er (41 yo) Kim Jong Kook

Daum Cafe: Casting situation lately in which teen actresses are paired with actors in their 30s

-Honestly, it's uncomfortable to watch

-I don't mind big age gaps but when an underage actress is paired with an older actor, it's such a turn off. There is no chemistry whatsoever

-This is messed up. Casting producers must reflect

-A minor and someone in their 30s... they don't have chemistry

-I hate it. There are tons of actresses in their 20s who could do the job, why is it necessary to cast a minor? Skin ship or kiss scenes are so uncomfortable to watch. This trend needs to stop

-Not to mention it's mostly female teen actresses that get paired with older actors. The only case I could think of in which an underage actor is paired with an older actress is Yeo Jin Goo and Ha Yeon Soo. He was 16 when they filmed their kiss scene

-Woah Sejung and Kim Jong Kook, that's a 20-year age difference


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