#1550 Dewy vs matte skin

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Originally posted on: 12/07/2016

What skin finish do you prefer?

Luminous, dewy makeup 

Porcelain-like, smooth matte makeup 

Instiz: Adequate dewy skin vs slightly matte makeup 

-Matte feels and looks dry

-Fall/Winter = Dewy. Spring/Summer = Matte

-I go for matte most of the time. I have oily skin and dewy finish makes it more greasy looking

-Matte because it's hard to hide pimple with dewy

-1111 when I don't have breakouts

-As much as I want dewy, I go for matte because my face gets oily at the end of the day

-Dewy. A healthy and fresh glow is always so nice to look atㅠㅠ

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