#1571 Incidents that were thought to be true but were either exaggerations or rumors

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Originally posted on: 12/15/2016 

Suzy's sexual assault incident 

What do you think when you see this gif? Suzy's facial expression hardens and she looks behind her. Because of this, netizens accused the MC of sexually harassing Suzy. The situation got big but the MC denied of doing such thing, Suzy's agency even released articles stating that nothing happened but the MC continued to get hate until this video taken from another angle was uploaded.  The misunderstanding was cleared. 

Minguk's wounded face incident 
Song Il Gook brought the triplets along for torch relay. But these photos accompanied with a post circulated on SNS. 

"The triplets got hurt because people kept touching them.. Minguk got scratched on his face ㅠ Please spread this post so nothing like this ever happens again"

Netizens were angry over the person that wounded Minguk's face with a ring and some were even demanding for the person's identity to be released. But Song Il Gook later clarified that Minguk accidentally scratched himself while sleeping... ㅎ

Yewon and Lee Tae Im's banmal incident 

This incident didn't get big simply because of Yewon talking down on Lee Tae Im and Lee Tae Im swearing at Yewon. At first, articles reported that they fought on set. Lee Tae Im admitted she swore but no mention from Yewon's side that she talked informally. Lee Tae Im then suffered backlash from netizens and Dispatch kept releasing biased articles against her. She was taken off her shows and had to rest to her parents' home. A few days later, the footage of the incident surfaced revealing Yewon talking informally at Lee Tae Im. Dispatch issued apology, Yewon also apologized

Suho's father being a pro-Japanese 

A post was uploaded on a community site with the title "Suho's father's wrongdoings and Suho's influence" which basically accused Suho's father as a part of New Right and a pro-Japanese. The post was visible for 10 months and there were fans who believed it. Suho reportedly called and personally asked his dad if he's a pro-Japanese. The OP eventually posted an apology for posting false rumor. Also, it was revealed that Suho's father is far from being a pro-Japanese, but in fact he has been a committee member of the Veterans Association for twenty years 

Daum Cafe: Incidents that were thought to be true but were either exaggerations or rumors 

-It's so sad imagining Suho having to ask his dad if he's a pro-Japaneseㅠㅠ

-This is the first time I'm finding out about Suzy and the MC

-I feel so bad for the MC, I'm so glad somebody filmed from a different angle .... This is why we shouldn't be jumping to conclusion until we have all the facts

-Suho and Lee Tae Im are the biggest victims

-Poor Suho.. the comments he got at that time were beyond disgusting. What's worse is there are still people who believe the rumor. I hope SM sues them all

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