#568 CITT the most expensive Korean cable drama to be exported in China

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Originally posted on:  01/22/16

Yonhap News - Nate: [Exclusive] "This is why he's Park Hae Jin"... tvN's 'Cheese in the Trap' sold at 2.4 billion KRW (~$2 million), most expensive cable drama to be exported in China 

1. [+599, -11] I'm a guy but I find Park Hae Jin really handsome. Yoo Jung sunbae's good at acting

2. [+584, -9] Park Hae Jin does look like he stepped out of the webtoon

3. [+486, -14] It's already popular in China but it will only get more popular^^

3. [+31, -1] Cable dramas are so good lately. From Reply, CITT and Kim Hye Soo nuna's drama which I predict is gonna be fun ㅎㅎㅎ

4. [+30, -1] Seo Kang Joon's popularity will increase too

5. [+27, -1] I liked him since he starred with Lee Tae Ran in 'Famous Chil Princesses'. He's stayed the same through the years and he doesn't look 33 at all~ He's awesome

Osen- Naver: [Exclusive] Park Hae Jin wraps up filming for 'Cheese in the Trap'... heads to Busan for Chinese variety show shooting

1. [+813, -10] Pre-production seems like a win win situation for both parties

2. [+713, -9] Filming's all done???? That's the dignity of pre-productionㅎㅎ Looking forward to a quality drama!!  Yoo Jung, Seol and Baek Inho are all likeable charactersㅠㅠㅠ When will Monday come?...

3. [+645, -15] Park Hae Jin's been decent since his early debut but he didn't really have a role that would've carried him to fame immediately. But his role in CITT fits him perfectly and from there,  he will continue to grow as an actor

4. [+38, -1] Pre-producing a drama means writers won't be influenced by nosy netizens. I really hope it becomes the norm

1. [+4,033, -70] There are 10 more episodes left but I'm starting to miss it already

2. [+3,021, -250] He's advancing to Chinese variety too. He'll likely catch up with Kim Soo Hyun

3. [+2,155, -64] I wanna see it for a long time just like the webtoon ㅠ

4. [+1,410, -37] Do you think I should go to Busan just to see him????? Yoo Jung sunbae ㅠㅠ

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