#587 Hyeri talks about Reply '88's husband hunt in latest interview

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Originally posted on:  01/28/16

Osen - Naver + Joy News 24 : Hyeri talks about EoNamTaek and EoNamRyu 

"I found out that Taek is Deoksun's husband in the latter half of the drama. Although I found out before viewers did, I wondered why Deoksun acted in a certain way while looking through the script. Then, I asked the director, 'why can't she fall asleep after her date with Taek was cancelled?' and then he replied, 'That's because Taek is the husband.'

Since I found out that Taek is my husband before Episodes 15 and 16 aired, I worried over how I should act in those episodes. I acted in a way to help viewers understand.

Taek had a different start than Sunwoo and Junghwna. Deoksun doesn't know that Taek likes her. But she somehow still thought of him, she worried and asked herself 'why is he wearing such light clothing?' or 'why can't he sleep?'. I think Deoksun weren't conscious of those feelings. She wants to take care of him, and he keeps popping up in her mind and bothering her. Deoksun didn't know Taek's sincere feelings because she's inexperienced when it comes to love.

It's only after Dongryong asks Deoksun 'who is the person that you're in love with?' that she realizes that she probably likes him. It's unfortunate that we didn't show this process in great detail but truthfully, viewers can understand those by thinking about their ages. And that's why Sunwoo, Junghwan and Taek have different starting points.

The first time Junghwan expressed his feelings for Deoksun was during the confession scene but it makes me sad that the confession scene is a farewell at the same time. But if you look at it in Deoksun's perspective, that story is 5 years ago. When she listened to Junghwan's confession, she was thinking 'he's talking about stuff that happened 5 years ago'. I cherish Junghwan as a character. Knowing about his confession scene, I teared up thinking back to his memories with Deoksun such as that pink shirt scene or the bus scene.

Because the drama received loved from many, there's isn't an ending that would've satisfied everyone. An ending with Junghwan and Taek getting married is a problem and whoever side Deoksun chose would also have been a difficult problem."

1. [+8,632, -558] Well, since Deoksun sees her story with Junghwan as something that happened 5 years ago, I can see why the confession didn't make her heart flutter or skip a beat. To an extent, those are just memories to her

2. [+6,329, -255] Life's all about timing!!!

3. [+6,596, -960] I like that her and Taek's love blossomed not through the influence of people around them but through their own realizations. You did well, cheering you on

4. [+4,121, -358] The husband hunting plot aside, Reply's a touching drama

5. [+3,439, -217] Deoksun-ah, I enjoyed the drama thanks to you ㅜㅜ

6. [+1,407, -139] She explained it really well so that viewers can better understand her character.. Hyeri's so articulate!

7. [+1,319, -172] It's great knowing that she understands her character and I like how she elaborated on Junghwan and Taek in this interview. It probably wasn't easy for Hyeri to act out her character after finding out that Taek is the husband . I can tell that she studied her character well. Please do lots of projects in the future. You've worked hard^^

8. [+1,121, -112] I like this interview. She explained Deoksun's feelings towards Taek pretty well. Deoksun doesn't realizes right off the bat that she likes him or he's the right one but instead, those feelings gradually seeped in her. I'm happy that the person whom was constantly on Deoksun's mind is Taek

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