#712 [Casting] Jung So Min, Hwang Jung Eum

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Originally posted on:  03/22/16

Osen - Naver: [Exclusive] Jung So Min chosen as the female lead for 'The Sound of Your Heart'... To work with Lee Kwang Soo 

1. [+2,617, -148] The actress in 'Babysitter' and Jung So Min are graduates of K-ARTS and both suck at acting but they keep getting these lead roles

2. [+1,513, -50] She's playing Ae Bong?????? Um...

3. [+860, -91] Jung So Min can't act??

4. [+635, -20] I'd rather they get Kang Kyun Sung to crossdress as a woman. This isn't respectful towards Cho Suk

5. [+461, -11] If you want it to be realistic, I recommend Yoon Jung Soo and Kim Sook

6. [+420, -12] Everyone knows that the best candidates for the roles are Yoon Jung Soo and Kim Sook

7. [+339, -12] How amazing~ She's landing all these lead roles

Sports Chosun - Naver: Hwang Jung Eum confirmed for 'Lucky Romance'...continues on as a 'romcom queen'

1. [+2,052, -132] After doing a romcom, I wish she moves to a different genre and then she can choose to do a romcom again... If she sticks with only one genre, it reaches a point where her roles may overlap and feel similar

2. [+1,280, -30] If they haven't cast a male lead... It's looking to be another liveshoot drama

3. [+1,101, -79] The webtoon of this is fun!!

4. [+1,386, -275] She keeps playing the same roles. I looked forward to Jung Ryeo Won doing this

5. [+1,082, -190] Isn't it time for her to branch out to other roles? Haa

6. [+311, -24] I like how productive she is but she's stuck with the same types of roles

7. [+237, -11] She's doing another MBC drama ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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