#728 Seolhyun denies casting in 'Moonlight'

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Originally posted on:  04/06/1

Xports News - Naver: AOA Seolhyun's reps "Casting in 'Moonlight'? Didn't even get an offer"

1. [+130, -13] Thank you for releasing an official statement

2. [+100, -9] You sure?????????? I'll believe it then...

3. [+105, -13] Really? You can't go back on your word later~~

4. [+91, -11] I'm sincerely thankful

5. [+125, -29] Total relief... If you plan on going into acting, please practice and slowly start your way up with supporting roles.. Your vocalization is still a mess..

6. [+60, -8] I'm so relieved. So relieved

7. [+52, -8] They must be telling the truth then if they didn't even get an offer. Since they've released an article to refute it, they won't change their mind later on, right?

8. [+40, -4] Park Bogum and Seolhyun don't match

9. [+19, 0] She wasn't offered a role -- Where do reporters get their info then?


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