#751 Kim Yoo Jung confirmed as Park Bogum's leading lady in 'Moonlight'

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Originally posted on:  04/15/16

Osen - Naver: Park Bogum ♥Kim Yoo Jung, why should we look forward to 'Moonlight'?

1. [+4,339, -117] I'm looking forward to it to!! They both have good acting skills and visuals so I'm excited for their collab

2. [+2,977, -151] Looking forward to their chemistry~^^

3. [+3,017, -172] Can this follow the success of 'The Moon Embracing the Sun' and 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal'?? Excited for it^^

4. [+2,484, -125] Really anticipating their acting. I love both. Park Bogum's handsome and Kim Yoo Jung's pretty. So happy that they're the leads. 'Moonlight' will hit daebak

5. [+1,911, -115] Looking forward to it!!!!!!!

6. [+518, -43] In the webtoon, Ra On is in her late teens, Crown Prince Hyomyeong is in his early 20s. This is perfect!!

7. [+533, -49] Daebak!!! Can't stop smiling, why am I trembling?~ I just feel rehydrated already after waiting for this casting news ~ So excited for Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bogum. Congrats~~

Newsen - Nate: Kim Yoo Jung confirmed as the female lead of 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds', romance with Park Bogum 

1. [+722, -29] Hul she's so pretty ㅠㅠ!!! She's a good fit for the role. Definitely going to watch

2. [+656, -30] Park Bogum has a fresh and gentle vibe while Kim Yoo Jung has that maturity to her. Looking forward to their acting and chemistry~

3. [+579, 23] I'll watch it since there's Yoo Jung. She's so pretty, a good actress to boot~

4. [+55, -5] The age doesn't match with the character but her face and image match for sure. Kim Go Eun's casting was laughable

5. [+49, -7] Thank goodness it's not Kim Go Eun

6. [+43, -4] There was a comment on Kim Go Eun's casting article saying "why can't they cast sageuk goddess Kim Yoo Jung instead" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is daebak

7. [+40, -2] This was my ideal pairing ㅠㅠ Looking forward to the visual couple ~~

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