#935 Creative female celebrities

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Originally posted on:  07/16/16

Rainbow's Jaekyung and Jisook, So Yoo Jin, SNSD's Taeyeon

Sports Chosun - Naver: "I have golden hands~" 4 stars who are rich with talents 

1. [+1,681, -31] I am not creative but I get jealous and amazed of creative people

2. [+723, -36] Pretty and creative, they're good at everything

3. [+515, -33] They all have golden hands

4. [+850, -146] I want to be as good with nail art as Taengoo

5. [+512, -136] God Taeyeon ♡♡♡♡♡♡

6. [+114, -16] Jisook's the best.. Even men find it hard to repair a car but she, on the other hand, knows her way around machines. She really is just good at everything

7. [+55, -4] Jisook is good with everything

8. [+53, -6] Rainbow's such a waste, they have these two talented members in the group... So sad

9. [+45, -3] When we're talking about golden hands, Jisook comes to mind first. I'm surprised at all the comments about Taeyeon

10. [+39, -2] Jisook would make a good living working as a blogger

11. [+37, -3] Taeyeon is good at nail art and drawing

12. [+37, -5] As expected of Taeyeon, I envy her talents ㅠㅠ

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