#945 Ryu Junyeol's past as a teacher

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Originally posted on:  07/21/16

Sports Seoul - Naver: "Handsomeness alert" Ryu Junyeol's captivating looks when he was an after-school program teacher

1. [+264, -2] He was handsome back then tooㅎㅎ

2. [+223, -1] Handsome ㅋOf all part-time jobs, he was a teacher ♡

3. [+223, -2] I really like him~~ Miss him already~~

4. [+219, -1] He is bursting with charms ㅎㅎ

5. [+216, 0] How lucky were those students~~

6. [+105, 0] A handsome teacher ㅎ Today's the day when 'Lucky Romance' should be airing, Wednesdays and Thursdays feel empty now. I mis you~~~ ♡♡♡

7. [+99, 0] He has always been handsome, it's no wonder he became an actor^^

Mydaily - Naver: "I acted out 'handsomeness'? Ryu Junyeol asks 

1. [+4,682, -543] From concern to respect towards his role. You're a good actor and a good man. I'm always supporting you

2. [+3,995, -469] He's an upright and simple-hearted young man. Ryu Junyeol will for sure attain great success

3. [+3,557, -474] There's no such thing as 'Reply' curse to Ryu Junyeol~~

4. [+3,298, -483] He doesn't lack acting talent, looks and charms. What a cool actor!!!!

5. [+3,417, -617] He manages to show a new side to him with every role, that's the joy of watching him act. His acting wasn't only handsome but realistic as well... he is handsome

6. [+792, -107] I was happy for two months because of Je Suho. Reading the interview makes me like Ryu Junyeol even more ㅠ

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