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Originally posted on:  07/22/16

Mydaily - Naver: "Becoming a member of Honor Society"...industry's generous stars

1. [+2,520, -53] There are a lot of wealthy but stingy people who find it a waste to lend a mere $10 to a friend. These people, however,  are amazing

2. [+1,785, -28] Donating is such a brave thing to do

3. [+1,644, -27] Even when you're very rich, donating isn't as easy at it seems. They're amazing

4. [+1,238, -47] Beautiful people inside and out!

5. [+1,074, -19] It's been a while since I've read an uplifting news! I'm cheering for everyone!!

6. [+287, -27] Moon Geun Young donated a total of 850 million won anonymously.. That's a big sum and she's amazing

7. [+162, -4] I'm jealous that they have money to donate, I'm also jealous of their compassion to donate

Osen - Naver: [Exclusive] Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan donates 46 million won to single mothers 

1. [+12,051, -58] No matter how rich you are, donating isn't easy. And to be doing it consistently... They say that charitable deeds should be done in secret so it's not done for the benefit of praise by others but I'm always so touched by this man's good deeds. In a generation where we experience unlawfulness and feel like we're losing hope for humanity, I hope more kind acts are made known so that it influences others to do the same

2. [+10,226, -69] A person reveals his personality on his face as time goes by

3. [+6,636, -78] He is just so warm-hearted

4. [+5,466, -47] As expected of Mr. Kim!!

5. [+1,421, -16] People would hesitate to donate a dollar even if they have billions. Kim Dongwan is amazing

6. [+1,158, -16] Seems like Kim Dongwan is someone you can trust in the animal kingdom that is the entertainment industry ㅎㅎHe consistently does good deeds

7. [+1,101, -14] All the articles I read about him are positive~ He is so awesome ㅎ Supporting Dongwan-ssi and Shinhwa ㅎ

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