#961 Ji Chang Wook reportedly the highest paid actor for a tvN drama + Yoona's casting in 'K2'

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Originally posted on:  07/27/16

Dong A - Naver: Ji Chang Wook "The highest paid actor in a tvN drama? Because of his overseas popularity"

1. [+5,131, -401] If it's already at that level for Ji Chang Wook, then Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Minho, Song Joong Ki must be receiving blank cheques if they go to tvN

2. [+4,635, -761] Seems like a stretch. No matter how scarily popular he is in China,  he isn't even at superstar level here in Korea yet. Made it sound like he's on par with Jeon Do Yeon all of a sudden

3. [+2,772, -181] If the practice of increasing an actor's pay continues, the broadcast station or production company won't have enough funding so they rely on too many product placements which can end up ruining a drama

4. [+3,962, -673] I just don't believe that he's the highest paid ever...

5. [+3,181, -571] Isn't he a bubble?...

6. [+764, -20] Just take care of the staff, actors make enough to not starve

7. [+570, -4] Healer was a good drama, was it really that big of a hit in China? I heard Jeon Do Yeon receives 85 million won per episode

Xports News - Naver: Yoona "'K2' declined but receiving love calls again...reconsiders"

1. [+3,521, -107] But Yong Pal's writer ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+3,681, -348] The production team's hanging on to Yoona as much as they could because well, she's Yoona. She and Ji Chang Wook are popular in China

3. [+2,793, -374] Looking at her photo, she does suit a president's daughter role

4. [+2,471, -326] I miss Yoona in a Korean drama, I think she and Ji Chang Wook would look good together... on the other hand, I wanna stop her too since she normally has no luck with writers and considering that it's the Yong Pal writer

5. [+506, -60] The production team really wants to cast Hallyu stars because the drama is aimed for export

6. [+316, -41] Rather than pushing Yoona into doing it, let her decide on her own

7. [+316, -50] I like Ji Chang Wook and Yoona but Yong Pal's writer is making me worried

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