Lee Sung Kyung cast as female lead for upcoming SBS drama

Naver - Sports Kyunghyang: [Exclusive] Lee Sung Kyung cast as female lead in 'Be Careful of this Woman' 

Lee Sung Kyung is positively being considered to play lead role Eun Bong Hee in Be Careful of this Woman, a romantic comedy set in the backdrop of prosecutors and courts. Lee Sung Kyung's character Eun Bong Hee is a prosecutor whom despite her innocent and delicate beauty, is physically strong as she was once a youth  representative for taekwondo. The drama will be directed by Park Sun Ho and written by Kwon Ki Young (I Remember You, All About Romance), it is set to air this May on SBS every Wednesdays and Thursdays.

1. [+3,398, -333] She's still lacking the charms or power to lead a drama, in my opinion, she fits doing unique supporting roles better

2. [+2,751, -253] I like Lee Sung Kyung but she's mediocre as a lead

3. [+2,264, -259] Not lead role material just yet..

4. [+1,770, -163] I notice that it's the same people who get cast, either in dramas or movies.. Hope to see more roles go to rookies so that they can get recognized too

5. [+1,033, -49] Korea can`t make dramas that don`t have doctors or lawyers in them

6. [+449, -76] Why does she keep getting lead roles?ㅎㅎ She's not even lead role material

7. [+261, -22]  She was pretty good in Kim Bokjoo but I'm amazed she gets lead roles conveniently. Must be because she's a in a big agency

8. [+201, -20] Taekwondo girl ㄷㄷ Seems like she goes for these sporty roles


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