Yoo Ah In considering lead role in tvN drama 'Chicago Typewriter'

Naver - tv Report: Yoo Ah In "Confirmed for 'Chicago Typewriter'? Not at all"

1. [+1,084, -60] Go to the army Ah In-ah, that's the right thing to do

2. [+696, -43] Go enlist to active service ㄱㄱ

3. [+677, -42] Let's talk again once you've decided to enlist

4. [+477, -32] Yeah dude, this isn't the time to be shooting a drama ㅋㅋ How about you enlist in the army first

5. [+233, -19] One of the works he's considering? Pretty much confirmed he's doing a project. I've never seen a 32-year old who refuses to enlist

6. [+222, -22] So when are you going to the army?

7. [+179, -10] First, go to the army

8. [+168, -9] If you want your career to last, you need to go to the army

9. [+183, -16] Why aren't you going to the army? I really wanna know why?

10. [+159, -11] Enlist in the army instead. You're an 86er, you'll have plenty of opportunity waiting for you once discharged, this is no time to be reviewing a drama


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