Na Young Suk PD's hit variety shows

theqoo: Reason why Na Young Suk is currently the one-top on variety ㄷㄷ

Star Golden Bell
Six Heroines

Grandpas Over Flowers
Noonas Over Flowers
Youths Over Flowers


New Journey to the West

Three Meals a Day

Variety shows he produces are daebak. Yesterday, 'Youn's Kitchen' broke 12% in ratings. The highest rated variety show on public broadcast currently is 1N2D at 16%, it looks like a cable show is fast catching up ㄷㄷ


-Na Young Suk produced Star Golden Bell???? Daebak

-Agreed. He's the one-top

-Youn's Kitchen is fun

-I remember when 1N2D's rating went up to 40%

-Kim Eun Sook and Na Young Suk are arguably the best two in Korean broadcast

-1N2D season 1 is legendary

-I had no idea he was behind Star Golden Bell

-He is a variety genius. It's not easy to create something that viewers of all ages would enjoy

-Some find his directing style a hit or miss though ㅋㅋ His captions tend to be cringey.... But his variety shows always do well in ratings, that's amazing

-Not everyone is a fan of his style but I personally like watching his shows, it's very comforting


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