Photo that Lee Sung Kyung posted and deleted on Instagram

She posted a shaky photo (left) and the comments were asking her if it's Nam Joo Hyuk. She later deleted the photo 

theqoo: Lee Sung Kyung posted and deleted a photo on Instagram yesterday 

-What the? Are they dating? If they are, be happy

-They match!!!!

-Oh? I hope they're happy if they're really a couple

-Seems like she's just asking for attention?

-Nam Joo Hyuk kept saying Lee Sung Kyung isn't his type. They're close friends, she deleted it because the comments were delusional

-If they're friends, she could just put up a proper photo of them together? Why that shaky photo? ㅋㅋㅋ

-All she did is upload and delete a photo, stop calling her an attention wh*re. You can't even see the person's face, I don't think that's Nam Joo Hyuk

-Well, looking at the comments here, I get why she deleted it


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