Suzy embraces her short hair for 'Dazed Korea'

Sports Chosun via Naver: "Casually sexy"... No exit to Suzy's beauty 

1. [+7,373, -599] She's pretty... but she looked better before ㅠ

2. [+6,286, -420] Suzy suits long hair more

3. [+4,185, -267] The hairstyle you most often see in Japanese dramas

4. [+3,945, -387] Her long hair is pretty ㅠㅠ She looks chic but her goddess image fits her better~

5. [+3,047, -273] The public is more used to her long hair but I like that she's showing a different side of her

6. [+631, -45] As you live, there comes a time when you get sick of long hair

7. [+783, -83] Like Suzy, I used to have long hair but cut it short. It's low maintenance, I feel lighter and it feels like my headache just went away. I can easily put it back when I'm about to eat, no need to carry hair ties. Ladies, I recommend cutting your hair and see how it's like. The only downside I can think of is when you get people being nosy towards you like the best replies. I bet Suzy feels way more comfortable and refreshed now with the shorter cutㅋㅋ

8. [+718, -99] People can choose to keep their hair long or cut it short!! Who are we to tell them what to do?~ Being a celebrity sure is hard

Sports Dong A via Naver: Suzy "On having short hair, rather than looking pretty, I want to show my candid side"

1. [+2,521, -566] Pretty in any hairstyle. You're the best

2. [+1,434, -288] She looks good with short hair... It's not like celebrities should stick to the same style forever

3. [+1,549, -371] Suzy is gorgeous all the time!!

4. [+1,310, -340] She pulls off short hair too. While You Were Sleeping, fighting

5. [+977, -265] Always supporting you~~♡♡

6. [+181, -39] Pretty


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