Comment that's hard to understand on idol casting news

theqoo: A comment I can never understand on idol casting news 

"Please use rookie actors"

OP: Dramas or films are business and if I were the director, I'd rather cast an idol who's famous and has a huge fandom. There's no guarantee that a work will draw attention by casting rookies. Not only that but there are too many rookies who can't act these days. There are also instances when an idol is better at acting than an actual actor

-I totally agree. Don't they know that crappy actors also exist? It's a business, idols are considered because they're already well-known. The criticisms towards idols being given roles is ridiculous

-I agree but I wish idols would go through auditions to get a role though

-Pisses me off when people don't realize that there are just as many actors who are bad at acting

-Yoona did well in Confidential Assignment ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Look Park Hyung Shik, he's so much better at acting than Ji Soo in Do Bong Soon. You guys don't realize that there are many rookies who are terrible at acting

-As much as I don't think it's fair to give idols lead roles straight away especially when they hardly ever done acting work before, it's the reality

-It's always funny when comments are like "I won't be watching if there's an idol" and make it's sound like it's the worst thing everㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Don't assume that all rookie actors are explosive talents. If I were the director, I'd cast someone who's already well-known. It's basically easier to generate publicity

-When exporting a drama overseas, I can see why it's more advantageous to pick an idol over a rookie


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