Park Shi Hoo and UEE cast as leads in a KBS weekend drama

Osen via Naver: Will UEE x Park Shi Hoo team up in a KBS drama... in talks for  'My Golden Life'

1. [+1,425, -41] Could possibly be the worst combo.. ㅋ

2. [+1,491, -115] With so many other talented actresses out there, why does UEE always get the lead roles?? I wonder why

3. [+1,382, -114] Park Shi Hoo?? You can't be serious... He's coming back to public tv?

4. [+1,106, -113] UEE has terrible pronuciation and her acting is not good, stop casting her if you don't want ratings to flop

5. [+354, -28] Are there really no other actors?

6. [+335, -27] Not an anti or anything but Park Shi Hoo in a family drama?
7. [+454, -76] Two unlikeable actors as leads?

8. [+243, -9] Look at this combo

9. [+218, -19] Park Shi Hoo? Out of a slew of actors who have better acting talent and visuals to choose from, it had to be Park Shi Ho.  Is KBS serious?

10. [+213, -16] They're both unlikeable


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