Kim Yoo Jung declines lead role offer in School 2017 + Kim Sejung confirmed as female lead

Sports Kyunghyang via Naver: [Exlclusive Kim Yoo Jung's casting in KBS drama 'School 2017' falls through 

1. [+4,892, -163] School series is all about finding new faces, it's just seems all too too predictable if they cast famous kids like Kim So Hyun or Kim Yoo Jung

2. [+4,258, -201] I wish she does more roles that fits her age. Honestly, in her ad with Yogiyo, they made her wear a red dress and it was just a bit much considering it didn't match her image as a high school student. Give it a year or two, she will be more mature and it would be nice to see her in a campus drama by then

3. [+2,949, -124] Let's cast some rookies

4. [+1,966, -128] The role is fitting for her age, that's a bummer.  Now, there will be lesser chances for her playing characters in uniforms

5. [ +1,541, -49] This drama is scheduled to air next month, when will they start filming when no one is confirmed for casting?

6. [+281, -20] She broke out of her child actress image through 'Moonlight' but if she accepted 'School', people will keep seeing her as a child actress.. She made a wise decision

Sports Chosun via Naver: Kim Sejung confirmed as School 2017's female lead... "look forward to her acting potential"

1. [+3,444, -275] I liked Sejung but this is random..

2. [+2,230, -167] They probably meant one of the many students and not the exclusive lead character?

3. [+1,606, -197] I'm a fan of Sejung but I was hoping she'd play a supporting role and not a lead... But since she's confirmed, I hope she does a good job. She has my support

4. [+673, -63] In 'School', the students who earn good response from viewers are gradually given more scenes. Depending on Sejung's skills, things could change for her

5. [+788, -188] When she was in IOI and went on SNL, she acted pretty well and wondered if she'd go into acting and she eventually did.. but never expected her to take on a lead role tho

6. [+175, -34] Looking forward to Kim Sejung ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI'm liking Fight My Way and looks like I've something to watch after that ends~


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