Jang Moon Bok wears a short wig

Star News via Naver: Jang Moon Bok goes from pretty to handsome with new short hairstyle 

1. [+224, -3] He looks so much better with shorter hair

2. [+212, -6] Who knows, if he had this hairstyle during Produce, he would've made it in the rankings

3. [+137, -2] Looks better without the glasses, should've cut his hair like this early on

4. [+107, -3] It brings out his features more

5. [+62, -4] Moon Bok's handsome in either short or long hair

6. [+23, 0] Suits him better to be honest

7. [+22, 0] He should really cut his hair

8. [+19, 0] It feels refreshing just looking at him with shorter hair


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