Ages of actors in these roles

Choi Daniel - Played Yoon Shi Yoon's uncle in High Kick 8 years ago. They were both 24 years old at that time 

He's currently 32 years old

She was in Grade 11 when she played the role of a college graduate pianist

Kim So Yeon was in Grade 12 when she played the role of a doctor

Currently 38 years old

This was Yoo Hae Jin 17 years ago at 31

Currently 48 years old 

Daum Cafe: How old these actors were during these times 

-Feels like Yoo Hae Jin's photo from 17 years ago was taken yesterday

-17 years? you mean 17 minutes ago?

-When is Choi Daniel getting out of the army?

-Looking at Yoo Hae Jin, I can see why foreigners say Asians don't age ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-The fact that High Kick 2 ended 8 years ago is more shocking

-Yoo Hae Jin is both a dongahn (young-looking) and noahn (old-looking)

-So Yeon unni hasn't aged a day since she was in Soonpoong Clinic ㅠㅠㅠ

-I'd believe it if you told me that photo of Yoo Hae Jin 17 years ago was taken this year

-They all aged backwards

-Choi Daniel was only 24 years old?!!!?!


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