Ryu Hwayoung offered lead role in upcoming KBS drama

Ilgan Sports via Naver: [Exclusive] Ryu Hwayoung is the female lead in new KBS Wed-Thu drama 'Mad Dog' 

'Mad Dog' will be about the reality of insurance crimes in Korea. Ryu Hwayoung is cast for the role of Jung Hari, the only woman in a team of investigators. As a former gymast, she is flexible and sexy but despite her kind appearance, she is a 'tough unni' who's not afraid to confront thugs and ex-convicts and knows how to take control of dangerous situations. The drama will air in October following 'Manhole'

1. [+6,054, -675] Is there someone helping her out??? How did she manage to get the lead role so fast?

2. [+4,457, -646] Are they crazy?????

3. [+4,720, -794] I seriously don't like her, why does she keep appearing, as a lead role too?

4. [+3,744, -500] ???Why?

5. [+3,083, -531] I bet the ratings will be rock bottomㅋ

6. [+1,216, -111] How about she lost some weight first if she's gonna play a former gymnast? Even with the bad rumors surrounding her, she's surprisingly landing these roles just fine.. I'm amazed

7. [+1,208, -164] To get the lead role right off the bat. Who's her sponsor?

8. [+1,102, -135] I don't like her.. I felt bad for her before but it was all an act. She probably has someone backing her up

9. [+932, -87] Everything else aside, she's not lead role material

10. [+805, -67] Definitely not lead role material.. It's not like she has the physique of a gymnast either


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