Lee Dong Wook's melodramas and rom coms through the years

My Girl (SBS) Dec. 14, 2005 - Feb. 2, 2006

Scent of a Woman (SBS) Jul. 7, 2011 - Sep. 9, 2011

Wild Romance (KBS) Jan 4, 2012 - Apr. 2, 2012

Bubblegum (tvN) Oct. 26, 2015 - Dec. 15. 2015

Goblin (tvN) Dec. 2, 2016 ~

Naver - Xports News: From 'My Girl' to 'Goblin', history of Lee Dong Wook's rom coms and melo dramas

1. [+7,577, -70] What's for sure is he doesn't lose next to Gong Yoo.... I'm jealous

2. [+5,383, -44] 'Goblin' is the drama of his life

3. [+5,115, -32] He was legendary as Seol Gong Chan but he's at his peak through grim reaper. Lee Dong Wook is currently my hobby

4. [+3,331, -41] I really liked him in 'Scent of a Woman' ㅠㅠㅠㅠI'm glad he's able to show a different side to him as grim reaper!!

5. [+2,572, -26] Friday, hurry up

6. [+411, -6] They did a great job casting actors to play grim reaper and goblin. Their synergy is exceptional and cute

7. [+386, -3] Dong Wook hung has done lead roles and I wonder why he wasn't getting popular. I hope he shots to fame through this opportunity. Goblin's ratings need to go up even more

8. [+381, -5] He was so cool as Seol Gong Chan in My Girl ㅋ

9. [+333, -4] He's adorable in 'Bubblegum' but grim reaper is real cool! I personally liked 'La Dolce Vita'!

10. [+319, -5] He's perfect for the role of grim reaper, like he's wearing clothes that fit him!

11. [+316, -6] During Goblin's promotional stages, I assumed Gong Too was the lead and Lee Dong Wook was the secondary lead. I thought it was random that he chose this drama but looking closely, he's super charming in this role ♡♡♡

12. [+322, -17] Isn't he more handsome than Gong Yoo? I'd say Gong Too is more charming than he is handsome

13. [+256, -4] I also like 'La Dolce Vita' where he starred with Oh Yeon Soo ㅋㅋ

14. [+250, -2] Not that many people know how good 'Bubblegum' is

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