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Originally posted on: Sep 17, 2015

Mydaily - Naver: "Sexy rapstar, not unpretty", Yoobin's offbeat and alluring photoshoot

1. [+1,944, -93] I can see Ha Ji Won in her~~~ The makeup is totally gorgeous  ㅠㅠ

2. [+1,891, -96] Has she always been this pretty?

3. [+1,602, -77] She shines among girl group members who all look the same

4. [+1,435, -85] What I've always noticed is that she looks like Ha Ji Won!

5. [+1,467, -304] Wonder Girls has greater musicality than SNSD in a sense that there is no rapper in SNSD that is worthy of competing on 'Unpretty Rapstar'

6. [+506, -41] Hair and everything, Yoobin looks like a Barbie doll here.. 

7. [+442, -29] I never knew all this time that Yoobin is stunning. And she's a better rapper than I thought~ Show us a good image on 'Unpretty'

8. [+349, -16] Her personality is refreshing. She's got a pretty face and body. 'Unpretty' made her likeable. Do well

9. [+255, -17] Wow noona. You're jjang pretty

10. [+243, -23] What you get if you mix BoA and Ha Ji Won

11. [+195, -22] She looks like Ha Ji Wonㅋㅋ  I never liked Yoobin but 'Unpretty' made me see her in a new light ㅋㅋ She's so cool ~

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