#163 Projects that Joo Won picked vs what his agency picked

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Originally posted on: Sep 20, 2015

What he picked (and his agency was very much against)
-Good Doctor
-Ojakgyo Brothers

What his agency picked
-Steal My Heart
-Naeil's Cantabile
-Fashion King

Instiz: Projects that Joo Won picked vs. what his company picked

-Sim Entertainment's got outstanding actors like Yoo Hae Jin and Kim Yoon Seok but why are they so terrible at picking projects for Joo Won? 

-His agency is his own anti-fan 

-Please leave all the decision to Joo Won 

-Proves that he's good at choosing projects 

-'Fashion King' was honestly hard to understand ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-In an interview, he was asked why he chose 'Naeil's Cantabile', and he said that he has always done a drama per yearㅋㅋㅋ

-His agency was the one that chose 'Yong Pal'
  --From what I heard, he accepted the offer after reading the scripts for episodes 1 and 2

-What I'm sure is the ones that his agency chose were media played so hard.. 

-Screw the agency for saying no to 'Gaksital'

-I think agencies need to listen to what their artists, idols or actors, have to say. Let them do the dramas and music they want to do 

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