#167 D.O and Irene are dating?

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Originally posted on: Sep 21, 2015

Pann: D.O and Irene admit that they're officially dating? 

1. [+195, -12] It's because the train was shaky and he offered a hand to prevent her from falling. EXO's considerate to female artists. At the I Am Korea concert, Suho helped Kim Yuna while D.O helped Lee Sun Hee

2. [+171, -9] Loads of bullshit. Is this the same bitch who's always hating on D.O? Are you having fun? Leave him alone. And why is Irene always involved in these dating rumours?

3. [+30, -92] D.O and Sojin are still dating. But he's so busy lately that they don't see each other often which is taking a toll in their relationship. Because Sojin saw the photo of D.O and Irene hand in hand, she and D.O had an argument but I'm certain that they're still dating. D.O, Sojin and Irene are in a love triangle. Irene and D.O are in a "some"

4. [+25, -1] Is he dating Krystal too then? Are celebrities not allowed to have manners? ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+23,0] Can you explain this too?

6. [+15, 0] Who the hell would believe this?

7. [+15, 0] If he didn't hold her hand = attitude controversy, if he did = dating rumour. Are we still living in the Joseon era?... And wtf is that stupid comment about love triangle?

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