#191 Won Bin's parents' house becomes a tourist attraction

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Originally posted on: Sep 29, 2015

Star News - Naver: 'Section tv'" 2-storey house in Jongseon that Won Bin gifted to his parents becomes a tourist attraction"

1. [+13,042, -272] Someone else's house is a tourist attraction? Mr. Journalist, are you crazy? So if people go there to take photos, it automatically becomes a tourist attraction?... The title seems like a stretch

2. [+7,631, -173] That would totally attract tourists even if it's not Won Bin's parents' house....

3. [+5,222, -220] Ayah... That's a house?? Puts mine at a level of a storage

4. [+280, -4] I heard they moved because people keep going there to look around. It doesn't matter if it's his parents house or not, there are people who reside in it. I don't get why people would go there for sightseeing

5. [+280, -8] Leave them alone. The parents want to live peacefully but they might've been furious because you guys keep going there to take photos

6. [+226, -10] When Won Bin told his mom that he wanted to be a celebrity, her response was "You can find kids like you all over the town"

7. [+127, -5] That house is a tourist attraction? How do the people inside live at ease?

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