#205 Suzy, Goo Hara, Hyomin and Ha Yeon Soo's past as fitting models

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Originally posted on: Oct 11/15 

Dispatch - Naver:"Sold out girl since young"... Suzy vs. Hara, legends of fitting models

1. [+12,826, -336] If I didn't read that the last one is Ha Yeon Soo, I would've just assumed that she's a Japanese model. She's pretty. Hyomin looked way prettier back then

2. [+12,537, -221] This journalist seems like a perv judging by the way he writes

3. [+8,808, -1,354] Suzy was also so pretty back then~~ Pretty since birth

4. [+6,612, -1,387] Suzy's really pretty...

5. [+1,111, -217] Ha Yeon Soo's aura is pretty..

6. [+765, -195] I really like Ha Yeon Soo's face. Her beauty would outshine a Japanese idol ㅎㅎ

7. [+608, -81] Hara's face changed drastically. Middle school Suzy was so pretty while Ha Yeon Soo's looks totally Japanese ㅋㅋ

8. [+322, -40] You know it's a Dispatch article just by the title

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