#206 Did Kim Soo Hyun deserve the Daesang?

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Originally posted on: 10/11/15

Star News - Nate: 'Kim Soo Hyun who won the Daesang puts fans on the verge of tears  

1. [+447, -69] If you handed out awards based on popularity, just cancel this award show.

2. [+326, -29] Out of the Daesang nominees' dramas, I've only watched three: 'What's Up with the Family?', 'Kill Me Heal Me and Producer but what stuck with me the most wasn't how mediocre Kim Soo Hyun was but how amazing Yoo Dong Geun and Ji Sung were in their respective dramas. Yoo Dong Geun made viewers laugh and cry and Ji Sung proved his versatility through playing multiple personalities. Between those two, it wouldn't matter who the winner is. Kim Soo Hyun winning the Daesang was as baffling as Lee Jong Seok winning Top Excellence. Although I only caught a few bits of  'Yong Pal', I thought Kim Tae Hee's acting was alright but not as outstanding as the other four nominees. If you hand out awards in such a way, just cancel award shows altogether

3. [+32, -7] I can understand if he won it for 'You Who Came from the Stars' but does it make sense that he won it for Producer?

4. [+30, -9] It's understandable if he won it for YWCFTS!! Producer over KMHM's Ji Sung...

5. [+29, -13] I'm a hardcore Kim Soo Hyun fan but him winning the Daesang isn't fair let alone being nominated for it. Either Yoo Dong Geun or Ji Sung should've won it

6. [+21, -6] This award show has stooped to the level of MBC Drama Awards

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