Candidates for JYP's next girl group

 L -> R: Mashiro (99er; Japanese), Ye Jin (00er), Eun Seo (00er)

Ye Ji (00er), Chae Yeon (00er), Chae Ryung (01er)

Sun Min (01er), Han Seol (01er), Ryu Jin (01er)

Somi (01er ;  Korean, Dutch, Canadian), Shi Eun (01er), Soo Kyung (02er)

Eun Soo (02er), Natty (02er; Thai), Lily M (02er; Korean, Australian)

Yun Jin (03er), Jia Yu (03er; Taiwanese), Yu Na (03er) 

Daum Cafe: Candidates for JYP's next girl group 


-Somi's forceㅋㅋㅋShe's already a celebrity

-Feels like they were born yesterday

-Everyone was born in or after 2000 except Mashiro

-I guess we've reached a point where all new debuts were born after 2000

-I hope Eun Soo just sticks to acting

-Woah.. I'm old

-Are Chae Yeon and Chae Ryung sisters?

-Ye Jin looks like Nayeon


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