#1018 Man about to confess to a girl asks for opinions about his outfit

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Originally posted on:  09/06/2016

"I'm going out to meet this girl today. How is my outfit? I'm gonna confess to her~"

Today Humor: I'm meeting a girl today. How is my outfit? 

1. [+223] Kinda looks like this

2. [+144] I can't tell if you're really wearing jeans or you painted your legs ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+143] It looks like you've cut off your blood supply with that outfit

4. [+315] In that girl's perspective, it probably will feel more like a job interview than a confession

5. [+26] Doesn't look like you're wearing pants, they're leggings

6. [+16] I would have believed it if you said you're not wearing anything but body paint

7. [+13] How's the blood supply down there?

8. [+9] The girl will tell you to go back

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