#1333 Article highlights MoonLovers' popularity overseas

Sports Chosun - Daum: 'Moon Lovers',not only in Asia but popular in the Americas too

1. [+591, -73] Cheering for Lee Jun Ki

2. [+542, -230] I'm a fan of Lee Jun Ki but I'm not watching ㅠI sat through his drama with Lee Yoo Bi.. but with IU, there is no solution

3. [+436, -131] Fighting Moon Lovers!!!! Only waiting for Monday^^

4. [+288, -98] I'm in the US and people around me are watching 'Moonlight'

5. [+288, -98] Too much media play even in the weekend

1. [+5,586, -496] Do well Lee Jun Ki ~~~

2. [+4,017, -572] This makes me happy^^ I hope the whole world would know how charming Lee Jun Ki-ssi is. I wanna see him appear on an American show^^ His acting, screen presence and charms are incredible.. Doing action is just basic for him, he oozes with sexiness too^^ He's an actor to look forward to. Lee Jun Ki-ssi fighting

3. [+3,431, -526] I hope it's Monday already!!!^^♥♥♥

4. [+3,836, -671] If only the first few episodes were a bit more sincere and well-acted, I'm sure it would've been popular domestically too. Glad to hear it's doing well overseas

5. [+3,800, -867]  Moon Lovers is the best^^ This drama means a lot to viewers and for not yet viewers, they're slowly discovering why

6. [+578, -92] The story aside, Lee Jun Ki's visuals and acting are at their peak in this drama. I'm anticipating his next work. I'm so sad that the ratings are low

7. [+522, -101]  Episode 11 was jjang!! Court Lady Oh and Soo's cave scene plus the umbrella scene were no joke. The acting and directing were in perfect harmony!!

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