#1334 Song Ji Hyo says she stays at home on days that she's not filming

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Originally posted on: 10/03/2016

Xports News - Naver: Song Ji Hyo "On days that I'm not filming, I'm pretty much at home"

1. [+4,704, -254] I think Song Ji Hyo is super pretty..

2. [+3,632, -81] I'm always at home too

3. [+2,361, -119] I really like Song Ji Hyo ❤️❤️❤️

4. [+1,937, -129] Gorgeous

5. [+1,598, -126] Such a cool woman!!!!!

6. [+259, -15] You feel the most stable when you're at home, that's where you recharge when you have a day off..

7. [+200, -7] Yeah, staying at home is nice. Going out is too much work

8. [+196, -14] Same, home is the most comfortable. Anyway, she's so beautiful. She looks prettier than the female guests on RM

9. [+182, -21] Her nose is so pretty

10. [+133, -5] Being at home is the best! You don't have to wash up and you can daydream whenever you need to

11. [+116, -4] When I'm not at work, I'm almost always at home

12. [+123, -15] Even when she shows up barefaced on Running Man, she's prettier than the female guests!!!!

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