#1564 Kim Jong Min nominated for this year's KBS Daesang

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Originally posted on: 12/12/2016

Meil Kyungje - Naver: [Exclusive] Kim Jong Min becomes a nominee for this year's 'KBS Daesang' 

1. [+14,405, -733] Don't just put him as a nominee,  give him the Daesang

2. [+12,339, -400] He never got into scandals and he's been there with the program through it's ups and down. He deserves to win

3. [+9,373, -370] Daebak!! I feel like he's gonna winㅠㅠ Rooting for you!!

4. [+8,646, -288] I'm clapping for real. Kim Jong Min is cool, rooting for you to win it

5. [+7,037, -276] Supporting you!! I cried watching 1N yesterday

6. [+1,336, -71] Honestly, nobody really stood out this year but it's just suitable to give to someone consistent like Kim Jong Min

7. [+1,202, -59] Kim Jong Min protected 1N2D for 9 years scandal-free.. He deserves the Daesang!!!

8. [+1,126, -51] His impact is quiet but he genuinely works hard and never got in scandals so he deserves all these praises he's getting.  He must win an award this year, whether it's the Daesang or Top Excellence

9. [+1,012, -64] Kim Jong Min, you worked hard throughout these 9 years. The interview with Na Young Seok PD and the original members touched my heart.. Jung Joon Young, hurry up and come back. Kim Jong Min for the Daesang!!!

10. [+918, -56] Let's win the Daesang Kim Jong Min!!!!

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