#1565 Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook confirmed to leave Running Man, Kang Ho Dong in talks to join new season

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Originally posted on: 12/13/2016 

Sports Chosun - Naver: [Exclusive] 'Yoo Jae Suk x Kang Ho Dong' dream combo, 'Running  Man' opens a new season 

1. [+3, -667, -93] Running Man.. this is daebak..

2. [+3,478, -111] Really!? Yoo Jae Suk x Kang Ho Dong?!!! Makes me realize that RM is making a ton of money considering how they're bringing these two in one program

3. [+2,981, -74] We get to see Yoo-Kang again after X-Manㅋㅋ

4. [+2,930, -66] Hul this is a massive change. Daebak

5. [+333, -15] Song Ji Hyo's role did get vague after Gary left. The show needed a revamp

6. [+288, -13] XMan's legendary Yoo-Kang is reuniting.. So excited

7.  [+291, -16] What a shame that Jong Kook hyung is leaving.. I really wanted to see him with Ho Dong hyung

8. [+284, -16]  I kinda expected Song Ji Hyo would leave. There was never that much about her as a variety personality, i'd rather see her stick to acting. Anyway, seems like big nose hyungnim is staying

9. [+351, -50] I think Song Ji Hyo made the right choice for leaving but Kim Jong Kook should've stayed

10. [+227, -11] What's this? Are they bringing back X-Man?

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