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Naver - Mydaily: Kim Hee Ae, please come on 1N2D's Daesang special 

1. [+1,679,-117] Feels like 1N2D's become more childish ever since the new PD joined. No complains about the members' chemistry but I hope they go on more trips like they used to do.. !

2. [+1,233, -72] It's definitely more hilarious with just the members. Remember each member

3. [+874, -138] The PD is really annoying. He did an interview last year saying he won't invite guests for the time being but he keeps adding guests..

4. [+307, -20] 1N2D was on a good streak for a few weeks but today was the most boring of the recent episodes ㅠㅠ But next week seems fun. PD-nim, please put more effort with the games. You can't ask for a better chemistry between the members, but the games need some improvement

5. [+303, -26] Kim Hee Ae's so-so on variety

6. [+223, -7] Frankly speaking, this is the most boring episode yet. Despite how hardworking and cute the members looked, I would have switched to a different channel if not how well they handled the games and made the atmosphere really warm and cheerful

7. [+257, -21] Seeing Kim Hee Ae in Noonas Over Flowers, I don't think she matches variety

8. [+230, -15] The New Year's bow mission was boring, but Jong Min oppa and Joon Young oppa did their best to be funny ㅋㅋ I love the members ㅎ

9. [+200, -6] Everything's been fun up to the Geochang episodes. As a huge fan, all I want is to see them go on trips, do more games of chance and stick to their original purpose. Today was boring but I hope the upcoming episodes are better. 1N2D fighting~ ^^

10. [+205, -10] Way more fun when there are no guests

Naver - Sports Chosun: Lee Yi Kyung, Mithra, Kim Mi Ryeo, Heo Cham.. day filled with reversal

1. [+1,766, -41] Seems like today's contestants weren't there to win but just to have fun ㅋㅋ

2. [+1,533, -23] Wow.. I'm touched by Heo Cham ahjusshi ㅜㅜ We used to watch him in Family Arcade when I was young

3. [+911, -17] Heo Cham ahjusshi is cool

4. {+594, -24] Teacher Heo Cham, thank you

5. [+621, -66] Kim Gura made a mistake on Heo Cham but he wouldn't say sorry and acted like he was all busy!! Everyone clapped when the score was announced but Kim Gura just sat there with his arms crossed. If keeps that attitude, it only takes a moment to fall down

6. [+322, -24] Kim Gura needs to show more respect towards the contestants

7. [+241, -13] Heo Cham was daebak in the end.. How did I not recognize him during the interview? It's such a familiar voice ㅋㅋㅋ I respect him for coming to the show although it must not have been easy

8. [+186, -4] Gag woman Kim Mi Ryeo sang really well

Naver - tv Report: Running Man, Coward Haha shows courage 

1. [+2,910, -87] Producers, you better be good to the members forever

2. [+2,087, -44] Congrats on your second child ~

3. [+1,683, -55] The last part is so touching

4. [+1,407, -73] Kookie ❤Kwang Soo, this pair is love

5. [+302, -26] Wow.. A hidden twist in a twist. I cried ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ RM and members forever ㅠㅠㅠ Knowing Haha's betrayer image, I thought he'd betray but he didn't, he remained loyal until the end.  I think he was so cool when he said he'll bungee jump alone

6. [+240, -22] In the end, those three kept slacking on the games, I was frustrated but didn't expect the twist ㅜㅜ I'm touched

7. [+198, -21] I hope Running Man will air for a long long time. Today was fun ~^^♡

8. [+210, -26] I love Running Man lately

9. [+195, -22] Haha hyung is a man of loyalty ㅋㅋ Also, congrats on your 2nd child^^

10. [+158, -11] What a touching episode.. Wishing Byul a safe delivery~~~ Congrats

11. [+175, -11] The original members are fun together.. That was very touching.. Remember each member Running Man forever!! Congrats Haha~ 

12. [+145, -12] I'm a big fan of Running Man~~ This episode made me cry. RM, fighting~ Everyone, fighting


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