#434 Li Yifei stuns in latest photoshoot

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Originally posted on:  12/12/15

tv report - Naver: "Simplicity and charisma", Liu Yifei is a seductive beauty in her photoshoot

1. [+1,161, -90] Let's trade Yoon Eun Hye for Liu Yifei, ok?

2. [+905, -58] She's a mix of Kim Wan Sun+ Han Hye Jin

3. [+847, -60] She's really gorgeous and she gives the feel of a beautiful woman in the Goryeo times. So elegant and naturally beautiful

4. [+352, -11] She looks like an actress you'd normally see in those Chinese martial arts movie!!!

5. [+326, -19] She's elegantly gorgeous~~~ Goddess

6. [+182, -12] Hurry up and get married to Song Seung Heon

7. [+201, -20] She looks like Han Hye Jin in these photos

8. [+152, -22] I thought it was Han Hye Jin

9. [+92, -2] She's indeed born lucky. She's got the wealth, a successful career and a man

10. [+40, -1] She looks like Soo Hyun.. I see a bit of Han Hye Jin and Sunmi too

11. [39, -5] Song Seung Heon, you're so lucky

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