#483 Poor ratings of KBS Mon/Tue dramas

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Originally posted on:  12/28/15

Average ratings of KBS Mon-Tue dramas in 2015
Healer - 8.6%
Blood - 4.7%
Who Are You - 6.3%
I Remember You - 4.7%
Eccentric Daughter-in-Law - 5%
Sassy Go Go - 3.4%
Oh My Venus - 8.6%

Chosun - Daum: Can't trust KBS Mon/Tue dramas? 

1. [+358, -21] Not only the Mon/Tue dramas but I don't watch KBS dramas in general.. They're boring. Their daily dramas are old-fashioned and the type that grandmas would tune in to. They air weekend dramas at the same when other channels are airing news

2. [+237, -22] Does a drama have to hit 30% in ratings for it to be watchable? A drama like Geum Sa Wol?

3. [+143, -24] 'Healer' and 'Oh My Venus' are fun but the female lead in 'Healer' seemed kind of dull. I did like the supporting characters though

4. [+94, -9] Healer is a masterpiece and 'I Remember You' is a well made drama, even better than movies quality-wise. Why did people fail to notice those?

5. [+86, -7] 'I Remember You' is amazing. Who cares about the damn ratings?

6. [+75, -7] I loved 'I Remember You'

7. [42, -3] 'I Remember You' is such a well made drama. Park Bo Gum's who's popular lately is also in it. I don't even watch dramas but IRY kept me glued to the screen

8. [+41, -4] IRY is exceptional. It's perfect in directing, acting and script. Either viewers have high standards or there is something wrong with how they calculate ratings. And also, high ratings don't always equate to a good drama. Stop making it sound like IRY is terrible

9. [+33, -3] I don't watch KBS shows because the picture quality is outdated and the dramas they air aren't my type

10. [+31, -3] Can we stop with the low ratings=bad drama mentality? To me, IRY is the best drama of the year. Who Are You wasn't bad either

11. [+32, -5] When will there be another drama like 'Healer'?

12. [+28, -2] A new way of calculating viewer ratings should be put into place.. We're stuck with an outdated system and watching dramas online is now the norm.  Healer's a masterpiece despite the low ratings


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