#491 Lee Mi Yeon and Kim Joo Hyuk to return for last 3 episodes of 'Reply '88'

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Originally posted on:  12/30/15

Dong A - Naver: [Exclusive] Lee Mi Yeon and Kim Joo Hyuk to appear in last 3 episodes of 'Reply 1988' 

1. [+8,741, -619] Enough with the present day characters, Junghwan needs more screen time

2. [+8,208, -958]  I really like Lee Mi Yeon-ssi but she needs to study Deoksun's character more. My concentration level plummets whenever she appears

3. [+5,791, -272] I like the adult versions though. They just need more screen time

4. [+4,111, -527] Their acting is awkward

5. [+1,452, -38] I like Lee Mi Yeon but her acting is so off in 'Reply'ㅠㅠAlso, it was irrational of the producers to cast Woo Hyun ahjussi as No Eul's adult version..It's just wrong ~~

6. [+1,087, -60] Ah. Feels weird to say this but Lee Mi Yeon's acting in 'Reply' is mediocre. She's not convincing as Deoksun ㅜㅜ

7. [+1,057, -51] Forget about the adult versions...Why is Jungpal always in his room studying?

8. [+624, -70] Instead of prioritizing the adult versions, give Junghwan more screen time ㅠㅠHe's the male lead but he's nowhere to be seen most of the time ㅠㅠ

9. [+533, -11] Why is the adult cast's portion so sloppily written? Lee Mi Yeon, Kim Joo Hyuk and Woo Hyun are awkward too. I'll be fine without them. Choi Sung Won should've played the adult version of No Eul, why did they cast a grandpa?

10. [+323, -7] In R97 and R94, the cast is the same for their adult versions. Why did they cast other actors for R88? I wouldn't mind if the current cast just played their adult versions as well

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