#517 Findings of eagle-eyed netizens

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Originally posted on:  01/08/16

Rumors of Ki Sung Yong and Han Hye Jin dating started when
netizens noticed that the mat in Ki Sung Yong's photo is the same as Kim Kang Woo's son's mat. (Kim Kang Woo is Han Hye Jin's brother-in-law)
The two eventually got married.

Victoria uploaded photos of her food on Weibo but fans noticed not the food
but what looks to be Changmin's reflection on the spoon.


Kyuhyun's faucet reflection

"Fans were zooming into my reflection on the tub faucet. Thankfully, I lifted my leg so that only my foot was showing. If not, it would've been a big disaster"

Daum cafe: Most goosebump-inducing netizen findings

-Every time I upload a photo, I always check for reflections

-Wow.. I feel bad for celebrities

-I knew the first two would be included

-So, did the two date?


-It does appear like someone is hugging Kyuhyun in his reflectionㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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