#541Kim Go Eun's pre-Hong Seol days

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Originally posted on:  01/14/16

tv Report - Daum: 'Cheese in the Trap', A look at Kim Go Eun's transformation from 'Eungyo to Hong Seol'

1. [+520, -7] She looks so pretty when she smiles. Not only is she doing a good job as Hong Seol but she makes the character explode with so much charms

2. [+479, -49] She's so gorgeous even without double eyelids

3. [+412, -44] Hundred times prettier than plastic monsters~~ She reminds me of a puppy

4. [+195, -21] Felt like my vision instantly got better after looking at people with similar faces all this time. She's easy on the eyes

5. [+194, -27] Such a rare natural beauty in the industry ^^ She is so pretty when she smiles

6. [+121, -9] Noses of actresses lately gross me out. I love her nose

7. [+136, -26] I knew she would shoot to fame the first time I looked at her!

8. [+89, -8] She's so charming. Please never go under the knife

9. [+67, -7] I have a soft spot for actresses who didn't do surgery like Kim Go Eun and Park So Dam. Their freshness shine among plastic monsters. Kim Go Eun's acts well too. I think she can only go up from here

10. [+59, -9] I really like her natural acting in 'Cheese in the Trap'... She looks so pretty with her straightened bangs!! I guess she's full of aegyo and charms in real life too ㅎㅎㅎ

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