#553 Casting News (Seo In Guk, Sooyoung, Ma Dong Seok, Park Shin Yang, Kang Sora, Lee Yo Won, Yoon Sang Hyun)

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Originally posted on:  01/17/16

Sports News - Naver: [Exclusive] Seo In Guk, Sooyoung, Ma Dong Seok cast in '38 Police Squad'... The second 'Bad Guys' 

1. [+658, -26] Looking forward to In Guk

2. [+495, -22] Seo In Guk's finally back to work. Hit daebak

3. [+351, -17] Wow daebak!!! Excited excited

4. [+319, -15] 'Bad Guys' is daebak. The more it makes me excited because they're referring to it as the 2nd 'Bad Guys'

5. [+283, -35] Wow. The drama lineup for OCN this year is daebak.. Park Shi Hoo, Lee Joon, Seo In Gukㄷㄷ Daebak

6. [+96, -7] Heol. Seo In Guk's taking on a completely different character this time.. An actor is more charming when he immerses himself in varied roles. Looking forward to it

7. [+85, -6] Seo In Guk and Ma Deong Seok!!!! So extremely stoked~~~~!! Such a good news. I'v been waiting for Seo In Guk's next drama~!^^

8. [+75, -4] You can trust Seo In Guk~~~~

tv Report - Naver: [Exclusive] Park Shin Yang and Kang Sora confirmed as leads of KBS drama 'Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho'

1. [+1,455, -33] Wow. It's a must see ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+926, -19] Heol. God Shin Yang's finally coming back. Anticipating!!!!!!!!!!

3. [+602, -13] Park Shin Yang is back. Sounds good

4. [+535, -19] Became a Park Shin Yang fan when I saw him in 'Sign'... I'll have to see this

5. [+458, -29] Kang Sora and Park Shin Yang. This is gonna be fun

6. [+85, -2] This is to follow Moorim School and airing March of next year? So, Moorim School still has 1 year and 2 months left for broadcast? Seriously, trash journalist tsk tsk tsk

7. [+94, -8] Kang Sora turned down that drama with Rain. This drama has better potential

8. [+47, -6] Hm.. I'm a fan of the webtoon and I'm not convinced that they're the right fit for the original characters but I'm excited nonetheless because both are talented at acting!

Joy News 24 - Naver: [Exclusive] Lee Yo Won and Yoon Sang Hyun confirmed as leads for JTBC's 'Miss Ok's Nam Jung Ki'

1. [+163, -6] Lee Yo Won is most memorable in 'Surgeon Bong Dal Hee'

2. [+184, -14] Lee Yo Won's jjang in Queen Seondeok

3. [+165, -10] 49 Days comes to mind first when you say Lee Yo Won

4. [+99, -4] Yoon Sang Hyun's most memorable in 'Secret Garden' and 'Queen of Housewives'

5. [+24, -1] Coward guy roles fit Yoon Sang Hyun so well

6. [+11, -1] I really like Lee Yo Won ㅋㅋ  She's jjang in 'Surgeon Bong Dal Hee' which I've been watching lately. She strangely pulls off curly hair


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