#638 What made female idols popular

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Originally posted on:  02/14/16

 IU - 3 octaves
(OP is confused if she's an idol or not)

Seolhyun - cardboard cutout 

EXID - Hani's fancam

Gilfriend - Slippery stage fancam

Son Naeun - Adidas leggings body 

Hyeri - Aegyo on Real Men

Sohee - Omona!

Suzy - Architecture 101 

Daum Cafe: What made female idols popular

-Hyeri got her name out there through her dating scandal with Tony Ahn.. And yes IU is an idol 

-Krystal's abs in Nu ABO

-Uee - honey thighs, Jiyeon - God of Study

-Tifanny's short hair 

-Sohee's omona had the most impactㅋㅋㅋ I may be exaggerating but the whole nation knew about it

-Son Naeun's leggings? What? I never knew 

-Aside from Son Naeun's adidas leggings, I agree with everything 

-Jung Eunji in 'Reply 1994'

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