#746 Actors who turned down the lead role in 'DOTS'

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Originally posted on:  04/14/16

Won Bin

Jo In Sung

Gong Yoo 

Kim Woo Bin

Daum Cafe: Secret story behind the casting of Yoo Shijin's role in 'Descendants of the Sun

Lee Eung Bok PD: We didn't pick Song Joong Ki for the role right of the bat because we thought an actor with a big build would be more suitable. We offered the role to some top stars but they turned it down as they felt uncomfortable with doing a 100% pre produced drama and taking a soldier role.

-Kim Woo Bin probably turned it down since he had to cut his hair short if he accepted the role

-Gong Yoo's a good fit

-Isn't a 100% pre produced drama so much better than live shoot drama?
   -Since everything's been filmed, it's impossible to modify it when viewers give their feedback or when the story takes a different course

-I wouldn't mind Hyun Bin too

-Why Kim Woo Bin?

-It's successful because of Song Joong Ki though

-Gong Yoo's great too but Song Joong Ki fits the role best

-Kim Woo Bin or Gong Yoo probably didn't make it to the cut because of their heights. Soldiers in special warfare command aren't particularly tall

-My wife says it would've been daebak if they gave the role to So Ji Sub

-If they were looking for a bulky guy, they should've picked Ma Dong Seok


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