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Originally posted on:  05/14/16

"This was taken while at the water park but it doesn't look exciting~  I hope
you can make it look more exciting"

"I'm a huge fan of cola but the photo is too averageㅋ Please make 
it look like I really like cola~ 

"Please make it look like I'm excitedly receiving the event while I'm in the heart"

"Please get rid of the dirty stuff that's on the ground and turn the 
picture into something that's livelier" 

"I want to have long and flowy hair" (tn: hair and head share the same word, "mori")

"Please make Im Kkokjong ahjusshi behind me look like 
he's really alive"

"I look too arrogant here, please make me look tasty"

(tn: MSG)

"This was taken in the valley but it doesn't look exciting. Please add B1A4's Sandeul too"

(tn: B1 and A4 paper sizes. "San" is the word for mountain, adding "deul" to the end makes it plural. "Sandeul" = mountains)

"My face looks too big, my nose is too ugly. Please make me look handsome"

"We wanted to include the deer in the pic but it's too small to see. Please make the deer look bigger and more noticeable" 

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