#915 Park Shin Hye's growth as an actress

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Originally posted on:  07/07/16

tv Report - Naver: Hang Jung Seo --> Go Mi Nam --> Yoo Hye Jung, how Park Shin Hye has grown in 13 years 

1. [+7,716, -172] She looked real pretty in the rain scene

2. [+6,731, -155] She's grown into a respected woman. I'm watching 'Doctors' and she's so pretty. Mature + elegant, exactly like a 27-year old woman

3. [+5,735, -154] Her weight loss made her face tinier

4. [+5,296, -137] Park Shin Hye's also good at choosing dramas that fit her age

5. [+4,503, -185] The hope of actresses in their 20s... She's the only actress in her 20s who's good at acting while also naturally pretty

6. [+715, -31] An actress like her is very rare. Good personality and pretty too

7. [+689, -26] I haven't forgotten Park Shin Hye in 'Stairway to Heaven'. I was surprised that she was so pretty and even more surprised at her good acting... She's getting prettier and her acting keeps getting better, her crying scene blew me away. She plays her characters very well, that's why her dramas are always fun~

8. [+632, -21] Her acting has been good since she was young.. I still remember that scene of her being repeatedly slapped by Lee Hwi Hyang. Hard to believe she was only in middle school at that time

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